The people of the world are calling with renewed determination for the abolition of all nuclear weapons.

The US, France, Britain, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan and India together still have more than 28,000 nuclear weapons.

The Bush administration is not cutting its nuclear weapons. Instead it has developed more sophisticated and powerful bombs and is now developing mini-nukes, bunker busters and nuclear weapons for space.

The threat of nuclear annihilation has been revived by George W Bush.

The US has shown it will inflict "pre-emptive" attacks and "preventive" wars on any state that threatens its interests, creating fear and insecurity, replacing the rule of international law with the law of the jungle, and fuelling the arms race. The US also claims the right to attack any country from space.

The Bush administration has brutally and illegally invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq and continues to threaten Iran, North Korea, Syria and Cuba.

The Howard Government has given unconditional moral, political and practical support to all the recent US aggressive actions. This must stop!

Troops home from Iraq now!

US foreign policy has left many thousands dead, thousands more with broken bodies, and destabilised the Middle East.

Civilians and soldiers suffer the appalling effects of depleted uranium weapons, cluster bombs and land mines, and the destruction of water supply, sewerage and power.

The Australian Government has spent over $1.25 billion since 2003 on the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. This has brought Iraq neither peace, freedom nor democracy. It has made Australia and the world less secure.

The cost of war

The Howard Government's military budget has escalated to over $60 million a day. This steals resources from health, education, job creation, the environment, and services for the poor and disadvantaged. An extra $700 million - less than two weeks military spending - spent on public hospitals each year would overcome their critical problems.